Capture - goguac lakeGoguac Lake is a 352-acre (1.42 km2) lake in the city of Battle Creek, located in Calhoun County

in the southwest portion of the U.S. state of Michigan. With a maximum depth of 66 feet
(20 m), the lake is home to many fish species, including Crappie, Bluegill, Pike, Largemouth
Bass, Yellow Perch, Rock Bass and Walleye.

While the perimeter of the lake consists primarily of private residences, the Battle Creek
Country Club, The Waterfront Restaurant and Willard Beach public park can be found on the


There are three islands on Goguac Lake. Picnic Island, farthest south, became Chamberlain’s,
then Elk’s and finally Vince’s Island. Dr. Vince, the English-born dentist, built a causeway from
the shore so that he could drive to the handsome manor house he built there.

Peach Island was so named for the peach orchard planted there by Hermes Sweet. It was
sometimes used for cockfights because both the sport and betting were against the law and
this was a good hideaway from the sheriff. The island was subsequently known as Hulbert’s,
then Clark’s, then Gould’s for the owners of the single cottage.

Ward’s Island is smaller than in the early days when the lake level was lower. Ward’s cottage
stood on it several decades, so did the first Goguac Boat Club for about three years. Occasional
picnickers use it now as trespassers, although those who recognize poison ivy generally stay
away. Before its graceful elms died it became quite a bird sanctuary. Hummingbirds that fed in
gardens on the mainland nested there.